Micano Home & Garden Decor

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Our Story

Micano's has been providing it's patrons with world rustic art/decor/garden since 2003. Since it's conception, it has built a loyal clientele that looks for original handmade pieces or art and decor for the home and garden. Micano's mantra is "Extraordinary by choice." We believe it's easy to be different when every store in Reno is full of Chinese merchandise, conversely, there is not one item made from large Chinese factories in Micano's. We offer 30 to 40 percent of our store to you via local art, and we have a large selection of re-claimed barn wood and up-cycled urban art- all of it original. Micano's is your choice for cultural decor, tribal art and reclaimed furniture.

Support Local

Local artists have become a huge part of Micano's business and growing circle of friends. There usually are 10 to 20 local artists making everything from metal sculptures to jewelry. Micano's attracts a lot of artists, a huge advantage to our ever changing inventory. It organically changes every year and brings in new artists like a living, breathing extension of life