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Micano Home is becoming a upcycling hot spot for industrial furniture and lamps, although we have always loved to buy and make rustic furniture and art. With the emergence of a better economy and more professionals moving to Reno, we felt like more of an industrial take on our overall feel would be the most current thing to commit to. Micano’s has always been a step ahead of style. With the convergence of many factors contributing to the budding shopping district known as Midtown, we’re positive that Micano’s new look and feel right will be at home as the coolest store in Reno.

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Micano’s is ready to show it’s real talent of not only making a considerable amount of it’s own art, furniture and lighting. Micano’s also has an extensive relationship with local artist that make up more than 30 percent of their inventory. Those factors should excite the local art movement and those who support handmade products and their community. We are proud to have not purchased anything mass produced in China in the 15 years we have been in Midtown.

Witness the Artist at Work

We are looking forward to setting a trend, to support local art and the old way of doing things with our hands instead of our mouths. So when you come by don’t be surprised if we are working on something, that you can touch feel and ask questions about, being made right in our shop.

Extraordinary by Choice

If you are looking for a one of a kind gift, gallery, furniture, lamps or garden art- Please try Micano Home and Garden. We are original by choice since 2003. Leading the way by not, selling out and buying the cheapest things to fill our store. But rather the most unique items we can find to make and show in our gallery and outdoor galleria.

If you like rustic, tribal, funky, or organic decor- come by check us out. We have lots of unique lamps, wall art, fountains, and more metal art pieces than anyone else in town. Twenty five percent or so of the art is from right here in Reno.

Shop Local, Shop Micano’s

HOT! Industrial Steampunk Lamps

Make a statement with one of our handmade industrial steampunk lamps.  Each piece is one-of-a-kind at the winter special price of $229 each, or $189 each when you buy two!

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Our Story

Micano’s has been providing it’s patrons with world rustic art/decor/garden since 2003. Since it’s conception, it has built a loyal clientele that looks for original handmade pieces or art and decor for the home and garden. Micano’s mantra is “Extraordinary by choice.” We believe it’s easy to be different when every store in Reno is full of Chinese merchandise, conversely, there is not one item made from large Chinese factories in Micano’s. We offer 30 to 40 percent of our store to you via local art, and we have a large selection of re-claimed barn wood and up-cycled urban art- all of it original. Micano’s is your choice for cultural decor, tribal art and reclaimed furniture.

Support Local

Local artists have become a huge part of Micano’s business and growing circle of friends. There usually are 10 to 20 local artists making everything from metal sculptures to jewelry. Micano’s attracts a lot of artists, a huge advantage to our ever changing inventory. It organically changes every year and brings in new artists like a living, breathing extension of life


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Micano Home & Garden

Micano Home & Garden
1350 S Virginia St
Reno, NV 89502

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Micano Home & Garden
1350 S Virginia St
Reno, NV 89502

What People Are Saying

“Sam’s store is hands down THE most remarkable place in Reno if you’re looking for home decor; including locally made lamps (most of which Sam makes himself) jewelry, wall art, furniture and just a plethora of other incredible pieces. If you’re looking for some super cool, interesting and unusual home furnishings and accessories, this is your place…”

Tauni G

“I have been drooling over some pieces in this eclectic, local gem for quite some time. Soon I will treat myself to some fine craftsmen ship and beauty. You should too.”

Danielle O

“Reno is my home town and I’ve seen lots of things come and go over the years. But this is a place that better stay right where it is because it’s so cool. The artist/owner Sam is its heart and soul and the stuff he makes is as good or better than the things he finds to fill his store. All hand made. All made with art as the goal but function as a side affect. This store makes me proud of my home town. Go!”

Molly B

“Micano Home and Garden is my first stop when I head to Reno.  I drive up from the Bay Area just to shop.  Everything in the store is hand made, upcycled and Green.  The store has the coolest vibe and energy, you just want to stay and hang out and look at all the amazing things…”

Karen B

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