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MICANO is home.

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Micano Home Furniture and Garden Center, makes a considerable amount of the furnishings and art you will find in our store. Our home decor products are locally sourced, created in house or sourced regionally. We maintain extensive relationships with local artists who account for more than 30 percent of our total inventory. We are able to resource and make Nevada based home decor and custom orders weekly.

We are proud of how we source our authentic materials and how we revitalize genuine American Hardware. We have not purchased mass produced furniture from far away places like China in the 19 years we have been in Midtown and see no need to change our ways now.

Micano Home & Garden Is Your Local Holiday Gift Buying Store !

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Fresh Off The Bench!

Rusty Birds Tractor Garden Spinner
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Tractor Garden Spinner

Looking for a "stake" garden spinner to add some wind powered animation to your garden? This Tractor spinner has dimensions of 77" tall x 24" deep x 9.2" wide. Piece has real bearings and is made from real sheet metal with actual welds .
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100 Acre Mountain Console

This console is made from recycled wine boxes . It was created as part of a line of furniture we are building, that captures Nevada and you can look statewide and not find another piece like this . It’s rugged. 62 x 53 tall and 13 inches wide. Features oak wine boxes. The LED lighting is voice activated. You create your own weather pattern over the mountains or watch it pulse to to music. Watch the video above to see it in action.
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Rappel master-WL

Rappel MasterLamp

A unique 22 inch pipe lamp with heavy duty cord, which looks like a climber. Handmade repelling figure is using a rope for belay. Cord is 10 ft long and has the switch on the cord. Made from 1/2" pipe.
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Support Micano.

With our outdoor galleria and live workshop space, Micano Home has helped the "Makers Movement" in Reno for a generation. We are the leader in up-cycled, rustic, farm, industrial, garden and home decor in the area. If you are looking for furniture and garden art in Reno - Sparks, then we are one of the coolest places to look.

We have helped excite the local art movement and we have always supported those who "make" the community. Handmade products can make a long term impact on our community as the craftsmanship of generations adds to the local fabric and ensures that things don't get lost in time, because everything is not always "disposable". Come visit us, stroll through our outdoor galleria and pick out that special garden art piece or watch a piece being made live, right in front of you, by local artists.

Micano is also full of accented and rustic art from around the world. Everything from our hand made lamps and unique fountains to our real "barn wood" furniture and garden masterpieces are made with heart and soul. We welcome both artists and clients so if you have a furniture design or an idea that you want to see come to life, we would love to collaborate with you.


The Washington Post Agrees!

"For 15 years, Sam Sprague’s home decor store, with its eclectic farmhouse vibe, has eschewed mass-produced goods in favor of locally made art and furnishings. Micano Home and Garden's artful displays hold unique items such as wheelbarrows transformed into tables and Edison bulb lamps made from old gears and rotary phones. I was drawn to an artful contraption repurposed from a home radiator, galvanized pipes, salvaged wood and various light-bulbs"

Reno Furniture Store, covered by national press